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Fries Financial Consulting’s core values form the foundation of our approach to turnarounds & restructuring and mergers & acquisitions support.

Turnarounds and Restructuring

As Certified Turnaround Professionals (CTP), we bring both professional and operational expertise to clients in financial distress.

Unfortunately many companies become faced with issues which require special managerial needs at some point. Declining earnings, weakened financial ratios and covenants, and an erosion of cash flows, are simply warning signs of deeper operational issues, which often result in flight risk of lenders, employees, vendors and other key stakeholders. Fries Financial Consulting focuses on providing turnaround consulting for clients in pre-insolvency, or workout situations, engaging with clients who are struggling to compete and service debt, that are having significant cash flow problems and are considering their next steps.  Our first step is often the definition phase: to meet with the key stakeholders to get a general understanding of the pain points and to define what the need and deliverables are.  We then move into the analysis phase: gather information and review data to learn about the business’s operations, facilitate discussions and common understanding on the issues and assumptions, and determine the potential to continue. From there, we liaise between the client, the bank, and other stakeholders as we develop a plan: which typically incorporates a budget with an operational and financial restructuring plan and timeline, which often forms the basis of a path forward and/or specific milestones in key stakeholder expectations, such as a forbearance agreement with a secured lender.  In some cases, we continue to act in a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) capacity to assist with managing the restructuring plan, and/or providing independent reporting on the progress to the key stakeholders.  We often act as the independent facilitator of information between a stakeholder(s) frustrated with the lack of transparency, information and clear understanding if there is a path forward for the business, and a client that does not know how to proceed in this environment with reduced cash flow and increasing stress and restrictions on the business which that creates.

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Fries Financial Consulting specializes in assisting companies with buy-side M&A transactions.

An acquisition is a highly complex, dynamic and emotional process that demands technical skills combined with a tactful approach. M&A transactions can be highly accretive when all parties coordinate their efforts to execute the process properly and efficiently.  Operating as an internal consultant to companies on the financial aspects of buy-side acquisitions, Fries Financial Consulting works alongside the company and its legal and accounting advisors throughout the transaction. Our involvement is customized to the client’s needs, assisting as required on all or specific steps. Clients often engage Fries Financial Consulting on initial acquisitions to guide them through the entire process: assisting in analysing and understanding the valuation, drafting the letter of intent, negotiations, due diligence, and transaction closing.  Often on future acquisitions Fries Financial Consulting takes on more of an advisory role: providing oversight and review if there are internal resources capable of taking on specific tasks. Our operational business experience allows us to offer creative solutions throughout negotiation and deal structuring to benefit all stakeholders and move forward. Depending on the relationship and knowledge of a specific client’s business, we may also assist with certain aspects of the integration and/or post-closing matters.

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