​Bringing calm to the chaos.​

Clear, straightforward solutions in high-stress situations.

Fries Financial Consulting works with private equity and family investment firms, banks  and other secured lenders, special loans groups, lawyers, and other professionals to distill corporate complexity into a thoughtful, orderly plan that unites all stakeholders toward a beneficial solution.

Fries Financial Consulting focuses on workout solutions with a goal to save businesses rather than liquidate them, providing independent, honest, and practical assessments. While saving businesses is always a primary goal, if continuing the business as a going concern isn’t a sound financial move, we advise accordingly. Utilizing an open and transparent communication style, Fries Financial Consulting is a problem solving organization that simplifies situations to aid clients in understanding the task at hand and the road ahead.  We engage in pre-insolvency assignments where there may be a potential for the business to continue as a going concern.  We do not engage in formal receivership or insolvency assignments, and refer those in need of these services to a licensed insolvency practitioner.  We know and are confident in what lane we are in - our expertise is in operating businesses, their expertise is in liquidating them.

We have extensive experience with acquisitions and understand the process from start to finish. Therefore, we can be as involved as the client needs, whether overseeing the process in an advisory capacity in all or part of the steps along the way, or guiding companies through the purchase in a hands-on manner, alongside the company’s management and external advisors. We can assist with all, or any of: structuring the overall acquisition process, approaching the valuation, drafting the letter of intent, completing due diligence, assisting with the closing and closing documents, formulating an integration approach, handling post-close accounting and payment settlement, overall negotiations, and/or formulating approaches and problem-solving to issues along the way.  Our focus is predominantly on the buy-side, however we do assist existing clients through divestitures when the need arises.  We are not, and do not act as business brokers.

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