Equity and Investment Firms

Equity and Investment Firms

When a deal isn’t operating as expected, or at the front end of the acquisition, Fries Financial can help the firm restructure to a more formal ownership, reporting, and accountability structure and process. Because equity and investment firms prefer to oversee companies from a governance level rather than an operational one, our job is to aid the company being acquired in quickly setting up a corporate governance structure, including helping them establish a formal reporting structure and process and to plan and coordinate meetings.

Often, investments require management turnover to resolve post-close conflicts and create a healthy culture going forward; here, we can offer interim Chief Financial Officer services. When acquisitions haven’t proceeded as planned despite restructuring, we can offer a fresh, outsider perspective on how to move forward. As experts in acquisitions and the issues that can accompany them, our expertise allows us to bridge gaps between the investment firm and the company to create positive outcomes and healthy communication.


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