Our Services

Fries Financial Consulting Ltd. (FFC) provides the following services to small and mid-market companies in periods of transition:

Turnaround Management

Unfortunately many companies become faced with issues which require special managerial needs at some point. Declining earnings, weakened financial ratios and covenants, and an erosion of cash flows, are simply warning signs of deeper operational issues, which often result in flight risk of lenders, employees, vendors and other key stakeholders. FFC focuses on providing turnaround consulting for clients in pre-insolvency, or workout situations.

Buy Side Mergers & Acquisition Support

An acquisition is a highly complex, dynamic and emotional process that demands technical skills combined with a tactful approach. M&A transactions can be highly accretive when all parties coordinate their efforts to execute the process properly and efficiently. FFC provides a range of services for clients, dedicated to buy side M&A transactions, working as an internal resource to companies, and focusing specifically on the financial aspects of an M&A transaction.

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Start-up and smaller growth-oriented operations often require the specialized skills and guidance of a financial executive, which are not needed, nor affordable on a full time basis. On the other hand, many larger mid-market companies have a full time CFO on staff, but are sometimes faced with his, or her unplanned turnover. FFC is able to respond quickly in these instances to be immediately effective on a part-time or interim basis.

A unique blend of industry and operational experience enables FFC to deal with complex business issues and provide services to clients with an honest, straightforward and understandable approach. FFC works in a hands-on manner with companies to solve problems and accomplish their goals.