Past Projects

A sampling of some past projects which Fries Financial Consulting Ltd. has successfully completed:

  • Completed financial due diligence services for a $100M acquisition by a publicly traded entity.
  • Provided ongoing financial due diligence services for a publicly traded entity on a number of transactions and proposed transactions. Engagement evolved into the development, execution and eventual transition of the overall pricing methodology and analysis, and planning and executing the integration activities on acquired companies.
  • Have provided acquisition assistance to a number of smaller, first-time business owners with the analysis, pricing, negotiating and structuring of proposed transactions.
  • Provided crisis management support to a manufacturing company through a period in which its operating lender froze its line of credit. Successfully negotiated access to the existing line of credit, renegotiated an increased operating line with the support of a business and turnaround plan, provided ongoing cash management support, identified and corrected key financial issues, and assisted with the restructuring of the finance and key management groups.
  • Assisted an international manufacturing company to restructure its debt with its Chartered banks, and provided interim CFO services throughout the reorganization of its financial staffing.
  • Assisted in negotiations, on behalf of a privately held manufacturing company, for a settlement with Canada Revenue Agency for $1.8M in unpaid source deductions, and the subsequent transfer of its operating assets to an existing convertible debenture holder.
  • Provided assistance and management support to a manufacturing company through a looksee and subsequent monitoring engagement performed at the request of its operating lender.
  • In response to fraudulent transactions committed by a senior employee of a government agency, was engaged to develop the structure and terms of reference for a contract review committee, and to attend initial meetings to assist with the successful implementation of the committee.
  • Review of business operations for a publicly traded entity, to provide organizational alternatives for restructuring one of its business divisions, with an identification of costs, risks and hurdles of each alternative, and suggestions for implementation.
  • Managed the post closing divestiture of a publicly traded entity, which included defending a litigation claim for an alleged breach of representations and warranties.
  • Planned, negotiated, and coordinated the restructuring of a manufacturing entity which enabled the final tranche of equity, subordinated debt and secured term debt financings to close for completion of the project.
  • Provided interim and part-time CFO on a number of engagements. Have been involved specifically with the completion of reporting and filings for publicly traded entities, business plans, budgets, prospectuses, and ongoing internal reporting for private and publicly traded companies.